I love these guys! We met through our Burning Man camp a few (ok, 6?!?) years back… I have loved watching them become a family and seeing their sweet little girl grow!

180609_duerig_family 107180609_duerig_family 004180609_duerig_family 011180609_duerig_family 026180609_duerig_family 051180609_duerig_family 063180609_duerig_family 068180609_duerig_family 075180609_duerig_family 099180609_duerig_family 103180609_duerig_family 112180609_duerig_family 138180609_duerig_family 184180609_duerig_family 193180609_duerig_family 204180609_duerig_family 210

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