I loved this session! Such a gorgeous family in a (*new*) gorgeous location in Marin. And this little blondie was so photogenic and sweet 🙂181103_bernhoerster_family 178 1181103_bernhoerster_family 228181103_bernhoerster_family 222181103_bernhoerster_family 210181103_bernhoerster_family 160181103_bernhoerster_family 151181103_bernhoerster_family 142181103_bernhoerster_family 096181103_bernhoerster_family 074181103_bernhoerster_family 066181103_bernhoerster_family 062181103_bernhoerster_family 048181103_bernhoerster_family 045 1181103_bernhoerster_family 035181103_bernhoerster_family 019181103_bernhoerster_family 014181103_bernhoerster_family 013181103_bernhoerster_family 002

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