Another family I love and adore just welcomed their second babe into the family. Welcome to the world, baby Hope!190906_duerig_newborn 315190906_duerig_newborn 225190906_duerig_newborn 216190906_duerig_newborn 212190906_duerig_newborn 190190906_duerig_newborn 179190906_duerig_newborn 127190906_duerig_newborn 116190906_duerig_newborn 113190906_duerig_newborn 105190906_duerig_newborn 094190906_duerig_newborn 072190906_duerig_newborn 067190906_duerig_newborn 065190906_duerig_newborn 064190906_duerig_newborn 062190906_duerig_newborn 050190906_duerig_newborn 046

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