I’ve photographed this beautiful family a couple of times in the past, and was so excited to do their portraits once they became a family of 4! Welcome to the world, baby Bear!190722_martin_family_newborn 403190722_martin_family_newborn 384190722_martin_family_newborn 449190722_martin_family_newborn 431190722_martin_family_newborn 311190722_martin_family_newborn 261190722_martin_family_newborn 173190722_martin_family_newborn 164190722_martin_family_newborn 156190722_martin_family_newborn 139190722_martin_family_newborn 131190722_martin_family_newborn 127190722_martin_family_newborn 102190722_martin_family_newborn 080190722_martin_family_newborn 060190722_martin_family_newborn 040190722_martin_family_newborn 037

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